Walking slow

Friday, December 22, 2006

I took a long walk this evening… I like it here when it’s dark, there are no shiny lights all over the place like other cities, it’s a little quiet somehow, but the general atmosphere is not like the cold western way of life, there is some warmth… It makes me feel good when I have hot chocolate in my favorite coffee shop, next to a great movie theater… they play live piano music here, and it’s not very expensive either…

I hate the banking system, I don’t know why, they seem to have something against foreigners, and I don’t like having to do anything with bank clerks either…

The minute I walked out on my life… I knew it would change dramatically… Not having who to buy a gift for Christmas makes my feel awfully weird… I think I’ll send a small present to one of my far away friends… maybe a special gift… I wonder who I can help without him knowing about…


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