Down, Under…

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The subway trains here have graffiti all over them, it’s all so urban, so degradingly instinctive, there is so much life in them but, at the same time, they reflect an alarmingly low level of civilization they have to put up with… I ask myself now, is that what I am running from? Pure white subway trains and nice bank clerks?! Is it civilization what I’m afraid of, what I learnt to hate and despise…

I emerged from the subway… only to be welcome by a group of people sharing “free hugs” with anyone wanting one, most people just pass by, ignoring them… I find it somehow amusing, it makes me wonder what is behind this, what went wrong and sent these people on the street and if they are generous in offering hugs or all they really want are some hugs for themselves…

I found a couple of nice things today, for my old friends, I only have to find a way to deliver them now, since chimneys are not so popular anymore…


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