drive, the lack of

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I woke up this morning only to feel like my soul has leaked under the bed during the night, I think today is going to be a very short one… I think I’ll watch a couple of episodes from Prison Break, let’s see how much it will take to download them… They actually have great internet connections here, and the file-sharing networks are pretty good, I’m beginning to like it, if it weren’t for the beggars you see everywhere…

I like strange body positions, like hanging over the edge of the bet while typing… I hate this damn phone, nobody calls, and it God forbid, it does ring, it can only mean one thing… bad news… I hope it doesn’t, not today, I don’t feel in the mood for any favors…

I called my doc this morning, told him about the hugs, he knew about this type of activity from some paper somewhere… He made me think about it a little bit, it actually felt good, since I’m a complete stranger, in a completely strange country… a hug can be hard to find for me these days…

Ring-Ring… No, it can’t be! Not while I’m typing… Gotta go…


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