Some way

Monday, December 25, 2006

I’ve had a great idea, it seems… I was very bored so I went to the train station, I actually like to travel a lot and I hadn’t done this for a time now… So here it goes: I got to the train station, it was so crowded even today, on Christmas day… looked up un the board for trains departing as soon as possible and found one going to the mountains… The great thing about it is they’ve got wireless on it (which, unlike they lack everywhere else in the city, with few exceptions this country is a wired one…)…

So I’m alone now, actually surrounded by strangers talking a completely strange language… surfing the net… and catching little pieces of simple conversation when they use some of the few words I managed to learn in the last three months… I should really get someone to teach me at least some basic conversation… It could come in handy… Most people know English here, unlike other (more “civilized”) parts of the world, but they feel an easily recognizable restraint when talking to strangers, they are really friendly but they seem frightened when speaking English…

This was checking my laptop earlier, I am in love with firearms and was checking the latest models from S&W, the M&P15A tactical rifle is a beauty, too bad for the laws here, they strictly prohibit owning assault firearms, I miss my country… I know she hates me now, but she’ll thank me later…

Merry Christmas to y’all, Merry Christmas doc!


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