O Tannenbaum

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas carols sound nice… I don’t actually have a Christmas tree this year… I don’t miss the family stuff all that much, I do feel the need to talk to somebody. I think doc asked me to write this just to get me off his back, that wouldn’t be excluded…

It doesn’t snow, you don’t need to go outside to see that, you can see it on peoples faces… These people are so used to snowing, they’re plugged, and they find themselves in small, beautiful and unique snowflakes, which seem not to be willingly coming down to earth from up there this year… It must be hard for them, their prayers not to be answered, in such a small matter as weather pattern… What the man did by his own hand and is now afraid to undo… It’s called geoengineering, the science of changing the workings of the planet on purpose, through technology and, many times, with heavily intrusive actions… They’ll never admit they’ve used it, but the day will come, proof is always proved to be less dense than lies…

God has bigger issues now, he’s old…


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